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See Your Retirement Clearly!

Clear financial solutions for planning, entering, and enjoying your retirement.

Smart Solutions to Grow and Protect Your Wealth

At 20/20 Financial, we specialize in working with clients who are planning for retirement, starting retirement, or are in retirement and need to refocus their plan. Jim Leggott has been working in this field for over 20 years. He works with his clients to take the assets they have spent a lifetime working to accumulate and use them to develop a blueprint for their retirement. This blueprint will contain planning for safety, income, growth and legacy.

We Provide Solutions for Every Vantage Point

Retirement Planning

20/20 is here for young and working clients. We can assist you in investing and managing your IRA, 401k, 403b, or Roth Accounts to achieve reasonable growth and prepare a vision for your retirement.

Tax-free Retirement Income

We offer strategies and insight to help you retain the wealth you’ve earned. While taxes are inevitable, we can help you minimize their impact on your plans by providing tax sheltered product solutions and tactics.

Reduce Taxes for Business Owners

Business owners work hard and keep busy to keep things afloat. Let us help you transform your expenses and business needs into tax-reducing opportunities.

Managed Accounts

We also offer fee-based Money Management Services are available to help you properly diversify your portfolio across Stocks, Bonds, ETFs, Notes, and beyond.

Meet the Man with a Vision

Registered Investment Advisor Representative

Jim Leggott is a Fiduciary who has enjoyed working as a Financial Advisor for 20+ years. He appreciates the interaction when meeting with new clients from all walks of life, and he works diligently to understand their goals for retirement. With this understanding, Jim is then able to research and develop strategies to offer the client options to help them obtain their retirement objectives.

Jim’s responsibility is to create the blueprint that will guide each client through their retirement years. By educating the client and involving them in the development of their retirement road map, the client becomes an integral part of their plan for safety, income, growth and legacy.

On a personal note, when Jim is not helping his clients with retirement planning, he loves spending time and traveling with his family, volunteering at church and fishing with his granddaughter.

Jim Leggott

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